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Welcome to MEDITERRANEANFC. We want to be your suppliers of fruits and vegetables.

In MEDITERRANEANFC we are much more than a fruit company. Yes, we are dedicated to the distribution of fruits and vegetables, but with the guarantee of putting on the market the best fresh product. How do we do it? Very simple, as suppliers of fruits and vegetables we control the whole process, from the cultivation, the harvesting and the handling to the packing and the transport.

So we get our fruits and vegetables reach the consumer with the highest quality and retaining all its qualities. We didn’t want to say it but yes, we could consider ourselves the best fruit and vegetable distributor.

100% Fresh

We take care of the smallest detail to guarantee a 100% fresh product. Because eating healthy is important but working our crops responsibly as well.


We sell fruits and vegetables wholesale but keeping the essence of a traditional fruit company, in which the excellence of the products is the most important.

Process Control

We want our fruits and vegetables to be the best, so we supervise the whole process of cultivation and harvesting; We also guarantee that the quality of our products is also intact in the packaging and transport process.

Maximum Comfort

Is there anything better than getting the best fresh fruits and vegetables without moving from home? Well, we don't have much more to say. Comfort and quality in the same service.

Our Products

As a fruit and vegetable distributor, our product is our maximum presentation letter, so we take care of it with a lot of attention.

We invite you to know all the fruits and vegetables we offer you. That are the best in the market, we do not need to repeat it.








Do you want to know more about our processes? In our blog we will inform you of everything, so that you know us better and you can see how we pamper the fruits and vegetables which, then, you go to eat. Visit our blog!

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